Yacht Party Themes to Make Your Day Memorable
Miami Boat Charter Bachelor Party

Yacht Party Themes to Make Your Day Memorable

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A luxury yacht rental party is a must for any special occasion in Miami. The cool blue Caribbean, the very best of food and music, and the company of your loved ones can be best enjoyed only on a yacht. If you are planning to hire a luxury yacht rental for your birthday, anniversary or any other special day, have you considered basing the festivities on a certain theme? A theme can add a lot of fun to your party and make it a day to remember through your life.  Here are a few themes that you can look at to base your next yacht party on:  Hawaiian Fun Why waste such a special day with ordinary celebrations! Make your celebration ten times more fun with this Hawaiian theme. You can decorate your Miami party boat with tropical flowers and theme-based decorations. You can have floral crowns and grass skirts

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Why Luxury Yacht Charter is the Best Vacation Idea During COVID

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The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the world and has put a hold on most of our traveling plans. Now that things are opening up, the yachting industry has experienced rising demand among travelers as it is one of the safest ways to enjoy a vacation. Luxury Bachelorette Boat Charters are an excellent alternative to other luxury holiday options as you and your crew are safeguarded in a cleaner and private environment and you can easily avoid large crowds. Learn more about why luxury yacht charters are the safest and the best vacation idea during COVID. Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Yachting During COVID Immaculately Clean & Private Space In the light of the coronavirus pandemic, yacht rental companies are going further than ever to ensure that the yachts are entirely safe and clean. They have put new safety regimes in checks such as face-covering, social distancing, and regular

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Top 5 Key Considerations to Remember When Sailing a Yacht

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Sailing on a luxury yacht is a great way to relax and spend a memorable time with your loved ones. The unending blue sea around you, the calming sound of the waves, the clear sky above; there are only a few other things that could compare to this experience. To ensure that your yachting vacation is full of pleasant memories, here are a few things to remember before boarding your yacht charter in Miami. Things to Remember When Picking a Luxury Yacht Rental for Sailing Practice Your Sailing If you are about to sail the yacht yourself, take your lessons! It is best to go on a sailing adventure after you’ve prepared yourself well. Learn how to sail and practice it in calm waters and places with light traffic first. The wind is key to sailing. Let your initial sailing experiences be in areas with light wind for you to

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Wedding on a Miami Boat Charter

Have Your Dream Wedding on a Yacht Rental in Miami

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Every person wants their wedding to be special and a memorable day. To accomplish your dream and make your wedding unique, you can have a Miami Yacht wedding to add more charm to the occasion and make it an extraordinary one. While Miami yacht rentals are famous for hosting parties, why can’t you think of getting married? Arranging your wedding on a yacht rental in Miami can be an exclusive idea! Why Choose a Miami Yacht Rental for Your Wedding?   Generally, at a wedding, many guests are invited, but some may want only a bunch of close friends and family members present at their marriage. Whether you want to have an intimate ceremony or an elaborate wedding event, a yacht rental can easily accommodate all your guests. Moreover, getting married amidst the vast expanse of blue ocean with the utmost privacy is something that only a Miami yacht rental

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Miami Boat Charter Bachelor Party

Hiring a Party Boat Rental? Here’s What You Need to Keep in Mind

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What could be a better way to enjoy the summers than cruise the waters in a boat? Owning a boat is an expensive affair. Not only are boats and yachts expensive, but they also require dedicated staff and maintenance. Nevertheless, you can still enjoy the waters by hiring party boat rentals and have fun with your friends and family. If you are planning to hire a party boat rental, there are a few regulations that you need to keep in mind. Here’s a quick guide on the aspects you need to be mindful of before setting out on your party boat rental:  Check for a Valid Boating License In Florida, charter captains must hold valid boat licenses, which allow them to carry four to 11 persons on a party boat rental. The number of passengers that the vessel can carry depends on the type of license the captain holds. If

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How to Charter a Yacht for the Ultimate Boating Adventure?

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Cruising through placid, blue waters in Miami on a luxurious yacht, with a potent margarita in hand– is this your dream holiday?  Start your planning right now! But have always turned down the idea, thinking of the expenses? Think again! Planning a holiday on a party boat in Miami isn’t such an expensive affair anymore. Instead of getting stuck indoors at a hotel or a bar, you can visit a private island, snorkel at a coral reef, explore the beautiful harbor, and enjoy the unique tropical weather, sailing through the Caribbean waters. Here are 5 Useful Tips for Chartering a Yacht Pay Attention to Boat Selection The nature of the occasion, the number of people you want to invite, and the kind of experiences you are looking for are crucial elements when it comes to deciding the right boat. Yachts are available in different sizes, shapes, and types. For instance,

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Miami Boat Charter Bachelorette Party

Bachelor Party Planning: Tips for the Best Time on a Yacht

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If you have been assigned the task of the best man for your dear friend, throw him a bachelor party he will never forget. If you are in Miami, think no more – the best idea is a bachelor boat party! What do you do to plan the perfect bachelor boat party? First, identify the yacht company that you would like to engage in for the party. To do this, check out different Miami yacht rental prices and pick one that suits your budgets the most! However, to ensure that nothing goes wrong during the party, you need to plan a few things. Here are the Top 5 Tips for Bachelor Party on a Yacht Choose the Right Boat For Your Party When looking at different boat charters in Miami for your party, make sure that you select the one that ticks all the following points: Choose a yacht rental

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Corporate Event on a Miami Boat Charter

Things to Know When Planning a Corporate Event on a Luxury Yacht

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Whether it’s an annual meeting or a potential networking opportunity, luxury yacht rentals offer you the perfect setting to conduct business and host an office party. The events you plan reflects the image of the business to all internal as well as external stakeholders. Hence, you need to ensure it is something unique and extravagant to leave a lasting impact. Booking party halls, convention areas, or a banquet doesn’t offer anything exciting. On the other hand, luxury yacht rentals offer you the perfect opportunity to build relationships with your employees and clients against the stunning backdrop of Miami waters. 5 Useful Tips to Plan Your Corporate Event on a Yacht Prepare a Well-Evaluated Guest List The first step towards planning a successful event is by preparing a well-evaluated guest list. This ensures that you don’t miss out on any potential client or employee. The more exclusive the event, the more

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Birthday Party on a Miami Boat Charter

Top 4 Reasons Your Milestone Birthday Should Be on a Boat

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So your milestone birthday is up! It is an occasion to celebrate and spend with your loved ones. Don’t just stop at cutting a cake and throwing a small party this time! Think of something grand like a boat party for your milestone birthday. Not convinced enough? Here are the top 5 reasons why birthday party boat rentals are a great idea! Get the Privacy You Want! Book a birthday party boat rental for your birthday and be treated like a king or queen! This experience is different from eating out with your friends at a restaurant or going out for drinks. There is no waiting for tables or calling out in the middle of a bustling crowd for attention from the attendants. You will receive the privacy and importance you deserve on your special day! Get As Many Guests As You Want! When you book a chartered boat, you

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106 Leopard Yacht Charter Seating For 8

Things to Remember Before Renting a Boat

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Want to go on a boating trip but don’t have a boat? That’s hardly a problem! You can rent a boat and plan the perfect trip with your family or friends. There are several companies offering boat rentals in Miami. However, before renting a boat, you should know what to look for so you can make an informed decision. How to Find the Right Boat Rental in Miami Check Their Website Most companies offering boat rental in Miami would have their website. You can read about the different kinds of boat rentals, luxury boats for rent, and more, understand their terms and conditions, and their charges on the website. A quick scan through their website will help you understand their experience and expertise. This will help you narrow down your options and choose a suitable one. Look for Reviews Reviews are a great way to learn about boat rental in

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