Planning the Perfect Bachelor Boat Party!
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Planning the Perfect Bachelor Boat Party!

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Bachelor parties are the perfect way to unwind and let off some steam before the wedding. If you have been assigned the task of the best man for your dear friend, throw him a bachelor party he will never forget! If you are in Miami, think no more – the best idea is a bachelor boat party!

So what do you do to plan the perfect bachelor boat party? First, identify the yacht company that you would like to engage in for the party. To do this, check out different Miami yacht rental prices and pick one that suits your budgets the most!

Things to Remember Before Picking the Boat for the Party!

There are several options out there when it comes to boats. It is confusing for anyone. However, the easier way is to take the road more travelled in this case. Rely on the experience of the crew for your boat party. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind, before picking out the boat for your bachelor party!

  • Pick from the popular boats that have hosted bachelor parties before
  • Understand which one provides you with the best event managers and skilled chefs to ensure that your party is well organized and properly catered
  • Understand the stay arrangements if you are planning to host your guests overnight. This will help you ensure that all your guests are accommodated comfortably.

Planning Activities for the Party!

Once you have picked the right boat that ensures comfortable accommodation and food, you can move on to planning activities. You can pick up themes for your bachelor party and organize the decorations accordingly. Understand preferences while arranging drinks and food.

No party is complete without music. You can arrange for a DJ by speaking to the rental company. You can also arrange for an event photographer by placing a request early on.

There are several activities including kayaking, water trampolines, paddle boats etc. that can be included in the itinerary for your bachelor boat party.

Planning Payment Module

Once you have finalized the size of the group, you can decide on how you would want to make the payment. You can understand the cost of renting a boat by visiting the website of the company or speaking to them in person or on the telephone. There are different ways of making the payment:

a. Pay in Full
You can pool in the money from your friends and pay the rental company the money. Several companies ask for a booking amount in advance. The remaining amount can be paid within 24 hours.

b. Individual Payments
While you can pay the booking amount, your guests can pay individually at the docks.
Whichever option you choose, you can speak with the yacht rental company in advance to understand what works best for you!

Let Us Help You Make Your Party Memorable!
At Miami Boat Charters, offer different parties and cruise boats and a host of experiences to help you celebrate an occasion in the best way or live up your holiday to the fullest! To know more about Miami yacht rental prices call us at +1 (305) 401-2707 or write in to us at

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