What to Pack For Your Next Yacht Rental in Miami?
What to Pack for Your Next Yacht Rental in Miami?

What to Pack For Your Next Yacht Rental in Miami?

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Are you excited about your upcoming yacht rental trip to Miami? Everything is booked, and your itineraries are planned, but have you packed yet? If you have no idea what to pack when it comes to yacht rentals, we are here to help.

We have curated a packing list so that you do not forget anything and can solely focus on enjoying the entire experience. Every yacht rental is different in one way or another. When packing for a yacht rental in Miami, remember your travel purpose.

Your packing list will vary if you rent a yacht to celebrate your birthday or to enjoy a romantic getaway. You must also not forget the destinations you intend to travel to and customize your packing list accordingly.

Choose The Correct Luggage

When packing for a yacht rental in Miami, the first thing you need to pay attention to is the luggage itself. Opt for soft-sided luggage to carry in your trip as it folds away conveniently. Luggage, such as your hard shell suitcase, tends to take up too much space.

Packing all your essentials in duffel bags can take care of that issue. Hard shell suitcases can also damage and scratch the high-quality paint and woodwork on the yacht.

Bring The Right Footwear

When you are on board, many yacht rentals in Miami might have a “bare feet” rule. Apart from that, you are advised to wear shoes with rubber soles such as tennis shoes, white sandals and more. This rule is enforced when you are on the deck of a yacht rental.

Shoes with stiletto heels often damage the beautiful decking of the yacht. On the other hand, black-soled shoes are also discouraged as they tend to leave ugly scuff marks. It is best not to carry these shoes as they might be prohibited on the yacht. These shoes are allowed when you are on land but always remember to remove them when returning to the yacht rental.

Pick The Right Outfit

What should you wear on a yacht rental in Miami? There is no set rule; most depend on the time of year, location, and comfort level. The most common apparel worn on a yacht is summer clothing such as bathing suits, shorts, skirts, light-colored shirts, and t-shirts. If you intend to spend a substantial amount of time on the beach, in the sun, or in the sea, ensure that you pack clothes that keep you cool throughout the day.

When going ashore for dining and visiting certain places, you might want to ditch the swimwear and opt for a more dressed-up look. To keep the energy classy yet casual, make sure that you pack summer dresses, linen or cotton trousers, collared shirts, and more.

Protect Yourself From The Sun

When you are going on a yacht rental in Miami, you do not want to return home with a severe sunburn. The tropical sun, the sea breeze, the water’s reflection, and the bright white surfaces can add to the sunburn. One thing you must not forget to carry is a high SPF.

Apart from that, it would help if you also protect yourself from the sun with the help of sunglasses, hats, and long-sleeved clothing. You should also avoid bringing tanning oil as teak decks, and cushions can be stained with them.

Pack Your Essential And Personal Items

When you are in a yacht rental in Miami, you will get ample time for yourself. For your recreation, you can carry items such as a good book, a few magazines, your camera, and more. Create and capture perfect memories to remember this trip.

People tend to forget some essential items during their packing: mobile and camera chargers and power cables. Ensure that you pack these essentials in your luggage before departing. Another tip from a pro traveler, when you are around water so much, the best decision would be to carry your essential documents in a waterproof bag.

Do Not Forget Your Medication

When you are traveling, finding your prescription can be pretty tricky. When packing, it is recommended that you bring your medication in its original packaging along with your prescription.

Tips From Miami Yacht Charters

  • Keep your valuables at home.
  • Pack light, do not stuff your luggage with clothes.
  • Keep extra batteries handy as they might not be readily available in tourist areas. Carry items like a power bank to be connected at all times.
  • Pack an extra bag to bring home some souvenirs

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