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Miami Boat Charter

Create Epic Yachting & Cruising Experiences in Miami with Our Day Boat Charter, Luxury Yachts & Party Boat Rental

Miami Boat Charters presents the broadest range of fully crewed luxury yacht rentals, boat charters, and party boats in Miami Beach. Whether you wish for private, corporate, or special occasion charters, we’ve got you covered. We have vessels of varying sizes to accommodate groups of up to 10 guests on Term Charters, up to 13 guests on day charters, and up to 320 guests on Party Boats that depart from select Miami Marinas.

We offer half-day and full-day yacht rentals and multi-day term charters. Our fleet includes yachts ranging from 43 feet to Mega Yachts of up to 220 feet. Whether you want to enjoy a beautiful sunset cruise, a fun-filled adventure to the islands of Bimini and the Bahamas, a stay in Southern Florida, a skip down to the Keys or organize a yacht party, we deliver luxurious experiences.

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Why Choose Our Yacht & Boat Rental in Miami?

Experience Miami Boats in their Glory

Miami is famous as the “Magic City” because it serves as one of the best tourist destinations for party-goers and thrill seekers and has something exciting to offer everyone. You can count on our boat charters in Miami to host private parties and celebrate special occasions while relishing the breathtaking sceneries of Biscayne Bay. Moreover, our Miami boats give you access to premier beaches, islands, and tourist hotspots.

5-Star Boutique Yacht Charter Services

We provide hyper-personalized service by planning every detail to ensure you have a memorable time onboard. Our trained personnel helps you throughout the journey to prevent any hassles and help you enjoy yourself to the fullest. Our ability to create a 5-star hotel experience with 100% satisfaction makes us one of the best yacht rentals in Miami. Locals and tourists from all over the world consider us one of the most trusted yacht rental services for a fabulous cruising experience.

Best Price Guarantee

We offer All-In prices for boat rentals and yacht charters in Miami Beach. It includes water, soda, ice, fuel for local cruising in Miami, and all taxes and gratuities.

Great Things You Can Do with Our Boat & Yacht Rentals in Miami

Enjoy a Fantastic Time with Family & Friends

If you would love to escape the crowds of tourists and spend quality time with your loved ones, look no further than private yacht rentals.

Feel the Thrill of Watching Miami’s Skyline

You might have enjoyed watching Miami’s skyline as a pedestrian, but the view from the waters is even more exciting. With boat rentals in Miami, you can get the best sights to relish during early mornings, evenings, or late nights.

Gain Health Benefits

A few hours on a Miami yacht charter can give you an adequate dose of vitamin D and fresh air. You can avoid urban pollution, street noises, and the hustle to just sit back, relax, and have a refreshing experience. Try a luxury yacht rental and see the health benefits.

Get Some Good Exercise

You might not notice, but a lot of fun activities that come with boat rentals in Miami give your body good mental and physical exercise. Some of these include swimming, fishing, scuba diving, and snorkeling.

Gear Up for an Adventure

Adventure on a luxury yacht rental in Miami is something everyone desires. You can expect an ultimate adventure that comes with a variety of exciting activities. You can choose from different types of boats offering a different experience. With Miami Boat Charters, you can plan your adventure trip with our reputable captains, who can make your rental experience beautiful.

How We Make Your Experience Memorable!

  • Indulge in an Experience Tailored For You: We create bespoke sailing vacations by preparing a customized itinerary and providing unique services. Whether it is food catering, decoration, or photography, we offer boat charters in Miami that suit all your needs.
  • Experience True Freedom With Our Professional Crew: At Miami Boat Charters, we have a professional crew to help you perform various water adventures. You can explore the waterways, marine life, and water toys, and perform many more activities for a thrilling and relaxing experience.
  • Privileged Access to World’s Most Luxurious Yachts: Every Miami yacht charter in our collection is unique. From onboard facilities to impeccable services, we ensure rigorous inspection to ensure you find your ideal match.
  • We Believe in Providing a Happy & Safe Experience: Our proven ability and 5-Star satisfaction rating make us a natural choice for locals and visitors from all around the world expecting a luxury yachting experience.

Do Something Different For Your Next Special Event. Celebrate In Style On A Yacht!

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We’ve noticed that the latest trend for super-awesome Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties is where else, but on a Yacht. Click Here for more details and just remember… What happens on the Yacht, stays on the Yacht!

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We Can Help You Choose the Right Boat For Your Adventure!

At Miami Boat Charters, we are trusted for our expertise to make your sailing experience exceptional. By choosing our Miami yacht charters, you get complete support from our yacht specialists. They will record all your preferences and requirements to ensure that no details are left behind to chance.

You can choose from our half-day and full-day rentals to multi-day term charters. We feature nicely appointed boats starting at 43 feet to Mega Yachts of up to 220 feet, all with luxury-level service.

So whether it’s a beautiful sunset cruise, a fun-filled adventure to the neighboring islands of Bimini or the Bahamas party with friends along the waters of Biscayne Bay, we’ll deliver the luxurious experience you’re after at the best prices.

Discover the Exotic Turquoise Waters of Miami With Our Yachts!

If you are thinking of doing something unique or have your heart set on an adventure-fuelled sailing vacation, we have the experience and the resources to cater to your needs. We also have family-friendly boat charters to help you make the most of your time with your loved ones. Get started with planning your sailing vacation in Miami by calling our specialists today!

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