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Miami Party Boat FAQ’s

How Much Do Party Boats Cost?

Miami party boat pricing starts at $4950 which includes food and open bar with full staff to handle the size of your party. If you wish to provide your own catering, contact one our our party boat charter specialists for options and pricing.

For how long do Party Boat Rentals Cruise?

Party boats will cruise for a range of 4 – 8 hours.

What is the guest capacity on a Party Boat?

Miami Party Boats are available for a wide range of guest sizes and occasions. Depending on the number of guests in your party we will recommend just the right party boat for your special event. You can organize parties anywhere from a 14 to 320 people.

Can I organize a seated dinner?

Yes, we have boats that are better suited to organize seated party events. Our party boat specialists will recommend the right vessel based on your event needs.

How many guests can attend a seated dinner?

Party boats can accommodate between 14 to 250 guests for a seated dinner. Buffet style events can accommodate up to 320 people.

Where will the Party Boat cruise?

We have several itineraries being offer according to your needs and weather conditions to ensure we cruise in calm waters. Typically we travel down the Miami River and Intercoastal Waterway system.

Can food and beverage catering be provided?

Yes, our party boats are specifically operated as venues to host turn-key parties and events. They are well equipped with commercial kitchens and fridges to organize fabulous events. Most party boats require a minimum spend for food and beverage. A complete list of options will be discussed with you for your event. Note that some of our party boats will allow you to use your caterer but do charge a GALLEY FEE to use their amenities. Speak with our party boat specialist to handle all the details. Simply let us know what you’re after and we’ll recommend just the right party boat in our fleet to ensure you receive outstanding food and beverage service.

Can food be prepared by my caterer?

Yes, some party boats will allow you to use your caterer but will charge GALLEY FEES to use their amenities.

Can we dance on party boats?

Yes, All party boats are specifically designed with indoor and outdoor dancing platforms specifically designed for that purpose.

Can we have a DJ and/or Band?

Yes, we can recommend DJ’s and Bands that we regularly work with or you can bring your own.

How much does a DJ and Band Cost?

DJ Service: $550
Band: $TBA Please contact us for a detailed quote

Can you provide desks, computers and projection devices for a corporate event?

Party Boats do not offer such equipment; however, anyone wishing to bring A/V equipment or devices for a presentation are welcome to do so. Please check with our party boat specialists for more information.

Is there Wi-Fi available on board?

Yes, most party boats provide Wi-Fi. Speak with a representative for more information.

I have handicapped guests, can they be accommodated?

Some vessels are ADA compliant, some are not. Please check with a boat representative for more information.

Where do we board and disembark?

Vessel boarding is typically done at the marina where the specific party boat is docked. Guests will need to arrive by regular means of ground transportation. Smaller party boats may accomodate and travel to another location, usually for an additional cost. Arrangements will need to be made with a party boat specialist.

I get sea sick what can I do?

Party boats are large vessels weighing several tons. They cruise within calm waters on the Intercostal waterways, therefore, sea sickness is very limited if not highly unlikely. We recommend that guests prone to sea sickness take medicine or wear effective bracelets to control or reduce motion sickness.

Can we bring our pet on board?

Party boats usually do not accept pets on board.

Can we drop people off during a party?

Party boats being very large vessels are set to depart and return to the boarding location specific times. They will not allow drop-offs during the party. We recommend hailing a water taxi service for these types of special requirements.

Can we have special arrangements and décor on the boat?

Vessels can be outfitted to your choosing and have specific décor. Designers and event planners will need to request clearance from the party boats directly. Some restrictions however do apply in order to maintain safety on board.

Are Party Boats Air Conditioned?

Yes, all party boats were designed with your utmost comfort in mind. All party boat interior spaces have powerful A/C.

Why do I see the same party boat on different websites? Does it make a difference where I book?

Party boat prices will be similar from company to company. The difference is in the service you receive to handle the many details that are involved. We are a boutique customer service oriented company, utilizing all of our knowledge and resources to ensure that your event goes off as planned and you’re completely satisfied. Since 2000 Miami Boat Charters has been the go to source in Miami for customers from all over the world to handle their charter events. Please read our TripAdvisor reviews and ratings to learn what past customers have said about us. When choosing the right yacht charter agency, we always recommend going with the company that makes you feel the most comfortable and confident that your details will be looked after and executed as you envision. Our mission is to help select the perfectly suited boat for your event and meticulously execute on all of your specific details, making sure your event is an overall success. We provide our expertise and leverage our professional influence to provide you with the best possible vessel at the best possible price.


Miami Day and Term Charters FAQ’s

How Much Do Day Charters Cost?

Day charters start at $1999 All-in! This includes taxes, gratuity and incidentals, we provide you with a final All-in price. We believe in no hidden fees or surprises on the day of your charter, the price we quote is what you pay. Additional tipping is completely up to you of coarse. *Applies to all regularly priced charters. Limited Time Offers may have some exclusions.

What's included in the price?

Water, Soda, Ice and Fuel for local Miami cruising are included. All Vessels come with a staff of 2 – a licensed Captain and Mate. Additional staff may be hired for a fee. Vessels larger then 80 feet typically come with a staff of 3, while vessels larger then 150 feet come with a staff of at least 5.

For how long do Day Charters cruise?

Day charters on all our vessels cruise for half day (4hrs) or Full Day (8hrs).

Do vessels have air conditioning?

Yes, all our vessels are large enough to house on-board generators therefore A/C is offered in all interior areas.

Will I need a license to charter the boat or yacht?

No, all boats and yachts featured on our website are fully crewed, with a captain and mate. If you’re looking for a boat that you can captain yourself, you will need to find a bare boat rental company. Please know that Miami and Bahamas waters can be quite tricky to cruise, we strongly suggest that you charter a boat with an experienced captain for your safety and pleasure if you’re not already familiar with these waterways.

How many passengers do your boats and yachts accommodate?

The size of the boat will typically determine how many passengers can be comfortably accommodated. Another factor is whether guests will sleep overnight or if the vessel is rented for a day charter only.

Overnight charters can accommodate 8 Passengers on board while larger yachts can accommodate 10. Also, term charters can accommodate more then 8 passengers on overnight excursions, provided that sleeping accommodations are made at hotels where the vessel can port at a nearby marina or on the property.

Passenger allowances for Day Charters:

43+ feet: 1 – 12 passengers
80+ feet: 1 – 13 passengers

Passenger allowances for overnight Term Charters:

43+ feet: 1 – 8 passengers
80+ feet: 1 – 10 passengers

Are captains licensed?

All vessels on our website are offered with USCG licensed captains for your safety and security.

Are the vessels Insured?

Yes, you are fully protected. All vessels carry the proper liability insurance for the voyage being chartered.

Can you provide food on board?

Yes, hors d’oeuvres, sandwiches and cocktails can be provided by the boat staff. Should you need more sophisticated meals, arrangements should be made at the time of booking with our charter specialist.

Can we bring a picnic?

In most cases, boat owners will allow you to bring a picnic. Please check with your our charter specialist at time of booking.

Can I have a private chef on board?

Of Coarse! In fact the Private Chef experience is one of our most popular requests on boats 50 feet and up. We work with a number of world class chefs from the Miami area who will provide you with a culinary delight that you will not forget. A chef typically requires a full-size kitchen which is found on boats over 48 feet. If the boat you wish to charter has a small-sized kitchen, ordering from a caterer will be your best bet.

The price for a private starts at $550 plus the cost of provisioning your food and beverages. Check out our Foodie Charters page for more info or contact a Day Charter specialist to explore this option.

Can we eat at waterfront restaurants?

Miami has plenty of restaurants accessible from the water, however, access may be restricted due to limited dockage space and size of vessel that can be accommodated. We highly recommend making reservations and requesting dock space in advance if possible. However, most docks at these restaurants cannot be reserved in advance and available on a first-come, first-served basis.

I can get sea sick, what do I do?

Avoid going out on the open ocean during windy weather conditions. You can request to stay on the Intracoastal waterways which is calm in almost any weather condition. You can also get an effective motion sickness bracelet or take motion sickness pills.

Where do we board and disembark?

We usually board passengers at Miami Beach Marina, Sea isles Marina and Fontainebleau Marina. It is possible to arrange pick ups at other Marinas or private homes for an extra fee.

Can we bring our pet on board?

Usually, Day charter boats accept small pets. Large pets may not be permitted.
Speak with a charter specialist to confirm with the boat owner or recommend a boat where pets are allowed.

Will boats have a phone and fax on board?

Yachts usually have a satellite phone on board. Any vessel that travels far distances, typically yachts that are 50 feet long and up, should have one. Check with your boat rental specialist. Fax machines can be found on most luxury yachts, smaller vessels will not.

Will my cell phone get a signal on board?

When cruising South Florida, you will usually be able to pick up a good signal from the boat. In certain remote locations signal can get quite weak. If you need to receive important phone calls, make sure you let the captain know so that he avoids areas of bad reception.

Are TV's on board?

Yes, all our vessels have at least one flat screen TV. While the vessel cruises close to land, it will get some channels although quality will not always be their. In order to get a strong signal, the vessel must be equipped with a satellite, this is normally the case on our larger boats. Most boats are equipped with a VCR, DVD player and inputs for HDMI. Check with our boat charter specialists.

Is this safe for kids?

It is safe for kids provided close monitoring is being practiced, which is crucial anytime children are on board any boat. Kids should always wear a life jacket.

Do we need to bring towels?

Most boats provide towels. Check with our boat charter specialist to confirm for your boat.

Can we bring Alcohol on board?

Yes. It’s fine to bring your own alcoholic beverages.

Can we bring illegal drugs on board?

No. The captain could terminate your cruise and bring you back to Miami. Refunds will not get provided.

Is it possible to stay overnight?

If the boat is suitable for overnight lodging and prior arrangements are made, it is possible.

Are there any age restrictions for being on board?

No. However some term charter destination properties have a minimum age restriction of 16 years old.

Are scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, windsurfing equipment or jet skis available?

Larger boats usually provide all or most of these activities. Some boats include a FREE jet ski for your use. Speak with a boat rental specialist to request any special equipment you want in advance.

Can we fish on the charter?

You can usually fish on board, however some boat owners do not permit this. Speak with our boat charter specialists to arrange this activity in advance so that fishing rods and bait can be provided on boats that do allow fishing.

How long would it take to cruise to Elliott Key?

Departing from the Miami Beach Marina, it can take between 30 minutes to 1.5 hours depending on the vessel’s cruising speed to reach Elliot Key.

How long would it take to cruise to Key Largo?

Departing from the Miami Beach Marina, it can take between 1 to 2 hours depending on the vessel’s cruising speed to reach Key Largo.

How long would it take to cruise to Islamorada?

Departing from the Miami Beach Marina, it can take between 1 to 3 hours depending on the vessel’s cruising speed to reach Islamorada.

How long would it take to cruise to Key West?

Departing from the Miami Beach Marina, it can take between 6 to 9 hours depending on the vessel’s cruising speed to reach Key West.

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