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Treat your family and friends to an all-inclusive luxury yacht charter in Miami by touring the islands of the rich and famous.

Superyacht & Luxury Private Yachts Charter in Miami


Homes of the Rich and Famous
Star Island
Palm Island
Hibiscus Island
Fisher Island
See Real Estate ONLY viewed from the water
Sunset Cruise

See the homes and waterfront estates or famous singers, actors and professional athletes.  Miami and particularly South Beach is home to some of the world’s most famous people.  Imagine viewing these gorgeous estates from the your privately chartered yacht. Choose from any of our many crewed South Beach boat rentals and enjoy comfort and luxury as you cruise the beautiful waterways around Biscayne Bay. During this unique, luxury yacht charter you will pass a showcase of celebrity and superstar mansions along Miami’s most exclusive private islands and shores.

This Biscayne Bay tour features world-famous Star Island, Palm Island and Hibiscus Island, as well as the six Venetian Islands.  Super exclusive, and closely guarded Star Island has only 35 homes. From your luxury yacht charter, keep an eye out for the Star Island homes of Shaquile O’Neal, Gloria Estefan, Will Smith, Madonna, P.Diddy and Rosie O’Donnell.  Just west of Star Island are the islands of Hibiscus and Palm.  A notorious Palm Island resident was the gangster, Al Capone. Hibiscus Island, located just north of Palm Island, is home to multi-million dollar estates and stunning architecture. Many of these incredible homes have been restored to their former 1930’s condition.

Your Superyacht charter will also take you past Fisher Island, home to some of the most expensive real estate in the world! Located at the entrance to Biscayne Bay at Government Cut, Fisher Island is accessible only by ferry, boat or helicopter. Originally home to the Vanderbilt family, this exclusive community of Spanish style architecture is the home to celebrities such as Boris Becker, Oprah Winfrey, and Mel Brooks. The island has an observatory, a private marina, and hotel. And if that’s not enough, you’ll further continue through the nearby Venetian Islands. This group of six islands includes Biscayne Island, San Marco Island, San Marino Island, Di Lido Island, Rivo Alto Island and Belle Island.  This Miami Beach charter adventure is one of our most popular and can be enjoyed by the whole family. A must see for your South Florida vacation!

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    Islands of the Rich and Famous

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