Ocean Reef Club Key Largo | Miami Fishing Charters

The Florida Keys have always been the most popular destination choice for a yacht charter adventure departing from Miami Beach.

Ocean Reef Club Key Largo | Miami Fishing Charters


Fishing Capital of the World
Ocean Reef Club Resort
Delicious Sea Food (Stone Crab)
Stiltsville Houses
Snorkeling & Scuba
Swim with Dolphins
John Pennekamp Park

A perfect boating adventure to the northern Keys should include Ley Largo. Made up of three separate towns; North Key Largo, Key Largo, and Tavernier, this island paradise offers adventure, beauty, and limitless activities. Sightseeing, fishing, scuba, snorkeling, dining, and nightlife activities are all available.

As one of the more largely populated keys, Key Largo has all the conveniences and shopping that you would expect in a small town.  Beautiful scenery, exotic birds, and marine life make Key Largo an ideal vacation destination. Only two hours by boat from Miami, Key Largo provides everything for those seeking a shorter, luxury yacht rental, holiday destination. Some of the highlights available on this charter are the unique and interesting homes of Stiltsville.  These amazing houses are built on stilts above the open sea and once hosted casinos, rumrunners, and other colorful figures from Miami’s past.

Boaters should also include a visit to Elliot Key. This unspoiled island provides beautiful swimming, snorkeling, and exploration, as you journey towards Key Largo. The best destination included in this and all other Florida yacht charters is John Pennekamp Park. This is the first underwater park in the United States and spans 64,000 acres on land and undersea. Internationally famous for stunning underwater scenery, scuba, and snorkeling, John Pennekamp Park should not be missed.

Check out the 30,000-gallon aquarium and enjoy on-land activities, nature trails, and exhibits.  This is a perfect activity for any age and a real educational experience for children. Key Largo has been named the “Diving Capital of the World” and is home to an amazing, living coral reef with a colorful underwater world of fish and sea creatures. Scuba divers can explore a sunken, 510-foot Navy ship, the USS Spiegel Grove.

Ocean Reef Club, Key Largo

Here’s one for the bucket list. Chartering a fabulous yacht to Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo. Located in the uppermost Keys and only 2 hours from Miami, Ocean Reef Club offers unparalleled tranquility for a restorative and relaxing vacation. This millionaire’s playground will have you feeling like every day should be lived in the lap of luxury. There are endless things to do here, like kayaking through the mangroves, fishing in what’s known as the world’s fishing capital, or golfing pristine club courses. Whenever you build up an appetite, indulge in the freshest Florida Stone Crabs and fish caught locally. This trip is intended to span two to three days – and amongst our other luxury yacht charter choices, this one is perhaps the favorite of all.

Please take note that all guests are required to have a membership at Ocean Reef Club. You may learn more about the possibilities of membership at Ocean Reef Club directly at 305-367-5921.

Whether you are on your way to Key West, or taking a short, two to three-day yacht charter adventure, include Key Largo on your itinerary!


• 40 Nautical Miles
• 2 Hour Travel Time
• 2 Day Minimum Charter

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