Luxury Yachts for Charter: 3 of the Best Boats on the Market
Luxury Yachts for Charter

Luxury Yachts for Charter: 3 of the Best Boats on the Market

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So you are finally ready to take that one luxury vacation that you have been promising yourself for years! What is a luxury vacation if it is not on a luxury yacht charter? If you are in Miami and want to make the most of the beauty and thrill it offers, hiring a luxury yacht for your vacation is the best gift you could give yourself. Even so, if you want to invite your family and loved ones to share this vacation with you!

If you are wondering which luxury yacht charter you should choose, here are the top three luxury yachts that offer the best of luxury and amenities.

1. VG 62 ft Luxury Power Catamaran Yacht

If you have a large group of people in mind, for instance, your family members, the VG 62 feet Luxury Power Catamaran Yacht is the perfect luxury boat on rental for you in Miami.

This boat can accommodate 45 persons and is the best on the market for parties, celebrations, and recreation, more so if you have an extended getaway in mind. The VG 62 ft Luxury Power Catamaran Yacht offers amenities such as a lounge area, kitchenette, front and rear sundecks, etc. This yacht will turn into your home away from home and offer you the best-in-class services, thus making your vacation memorable and fun.

To add to the fun, you can reach out to boat rental companies in Miami to throw in some fun activities that you can enjoy in the waters. Luxury yacht rentals in Miami such as Miami Boat Charters specialize in offering unconventional and fun activities to add to your experience.

2. Pershing 80 Luxury Yacht

Pershing yachts have been a coveted asset among yacht enthusiasts and the elite for years. These boats are known for their stunning exteriors, plush interiors, high performance, and a host of amenities. Therefore, they are also one of the most popular vessels among luxury boats on rental in Miami.  If you are planning a quick getaway with your friends and loved ones, the Pershing 80 luxury yacht is worth considering.

Pershing yachts have very warm and welcoming spaces where you and your loved ones can enjoy all the amenities and services offered by the boat. There are two zones in the main hall out of which one is a lounge area where you can rest and relax with your loved ones. The other has a casual dining area that allows you to relish your meals and enjoy a beautiful view of the sea.

Furthermore, this Miami yacht charter is equipped with the latest technology and modern products which promise you a smooth sailing experience. To complete the package, you can get in touch with boat rental services which can provide you with customized experiences and activities to make your trip even more enjoyable.

3. Lazzara 84 

The Lazzara 84 is the epitome of luxury and finesse. With a beautiful exterior complimented with warm and plush interiors, this luxury term charter presents an impressive amalgamation of technology and luxury.

You will 5 lounges on this luxury yacht rental – all set to help you make the most of your cruise. The interiors are warm and welcoming. There is a central staircase that leads to the owner’s suite and also two VIP suites. These suites have beautiful stone showers, large windows that let natural light filter into the suite, and decks that offer breathtaking views.

So get going now! Reach out to a reliable boat rental company such as Miami Boat Charters to book yourself the vacation of your life.

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