Do I Need Yacht Crew on My Party Yacht?
Do I Need Yacht Crew on My Party Yacht?

Do I Need Yacht Crew on My Party Yacht?

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One of the most common questions that one comes across when hiring a day boat rental for a vacation is whether a yacht crew is needed along with the boat rental. While it is true that a professional crew can make your stay and experience more enjoyable, several people shy away from the idea of adding crew members to the package citing expenses as an issue. If you are in the same dilemma, here is some information on yacht crew, their duties, and why you should get a good crew to take care of your needs while you are on a boat rental in Miami.

What is a Yacht Crew?

The term ‘crew’ specifically is used for everyone on the yacht – which includes you and your guests. Before you board, you will be asked to fill out a crew list with information such as your full name, date of birth, passport details, and a few details of your guests. For those who do not have a boating license, a party boat rental in Miami will assign you a yacht crew, which consists of trained and experienced personnel adept at different functions on the boat. If you hold a boating license and are skilled on the steering wheel, you can pick and choose the kind of crew that you would like to have onboard with you.

Different Roles and Responsibilities

The size of the crew on a boat rental in Miami depends on factors such as your sailing experience, the size of your yacht, and the level of luxury and services you need onboard. Here’s a glance at the different crew members and their roles:

Yacht Captain

The yacht captain’s role is comparable to that of a CEO on land. Besides manning the yacht, yacht captains are responsible for ensuring compliance with all regulations, managing the owner’s assets, and making sure that the guests enjoy their time on the boat.

First Officer/First Mate

The First Officer or First Mate is the second in command on the boat. His role is to oversee all deck operations and lead the deck crew.

Chief Engineer

The Chief Engineer is responsible for ensuring the safety and smooth operation of a boat rental in Miami and reports to the captain. Depending on the size of the boat, the Chief Engineer can function individually or lead a group of qualified engineers to ensure that the yacht is optimally functioning and is also responsible for fixing any operational issues that the yacht may experience.

Yacht Chef

What is a party, without great food? The yacht chef is tasked with the responsibility of dishing out scrumptious, healthy, and freshly made food to the guests on board.

Yacht Purser

A yacht purser is responsible for taking care of all financial matters and maintaining the interiors of the yacht. Usually, yacht purses are employed for large yachts where there are several responsibilities to look at. For smaller vessels, only a Chief Steward or Stewardess is employed to take care of the interiors of the boat.

Chief Steward / Stewardess

Chief Stewards and stewardesses manage teams of resources and are responsible for upkeeping the interiors of a yacht. Stewards and stewardesses report to the Chief Steward / Stewardess.


Deckhands are responsible for maintaining the hygiene and beauty of the exteriors of the yacht.

Who All Do I Need on My Boat?

The size of the yacht crew on a party boat rental in Miami completely depends on the budget and the services you are looking for. A complete fleet of yacht crew is usually employed on super luxury and luxury yachts. If you are looking for a small boat, here is the crew that you must choose.

Skipper or Yacht Captain

Skippers or yacht captains will take care of the manning of your yacht. Even if you hold a license, a captain by your side can make your trip more enjoyable. Most skippers come with years of experience and can share valuable insights and anecdotes on the route you travel. However, it is important to remember that the captain’s focus is always on ensuring the safety of his guests. Therefore, you will have to abide by his decisions on the route.


A hostess, in several cases, doubles up as the chef to cook light meals for her guests. Furthermore, she is responsible for serving your food and drinks, keeping a tab on the inventory, and replenishing supplies whenever they run out. She will clean up after the guests and wash the dishes.


The chef has one of the most important roles in a boat rental in Miami. Unlike the hostess, a chef will lay out a scrumptious spread of specialty meals for you on the boat. You can chat with the chef before booking the yacht to understand their role and set expectations.

It is important to note that the chef will not clean up or do the dishes after you. In case you are not opting for a hostess, it would be polite to do the washing and cleaning yourself.

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