Luxury Yacht Charter Etiquette For First-Time Guests
Luxury Yacht Charter Etiquette For First-Time Guests

Luxury Yacht Charter Etiquette For First-Time Guests

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Are you chartering a luxury yacht for the first time? Well, it can be pretty intimidating, especially if you do not know the expected etiquette. Most luxury yacht charters expect guests to follow specific rules and maintain proper decorum and etiquette. It ensures the experience is pleasurable for both the crew and the guests. If you have no idea what these unwritten etiquette rules are, here is a guide for first-time guests.

Make Sure To Respect The Yacht Crew And Captain

The crew and captain of your luxury yacht charter are present to ensure your safety, take care of your needs, and give you a good experience. When you go on a yacht charter, be sure to respect the instructions provided by the captain and the crew.

The crew is thoroughly familiar with the yacht; therefore, they can help you to their fullest potential.

Pay Attention To All Safety Briefing

If it is your first time on a luxury yacht charter, it is essential to pay attention to all the safety briefings the crew gives. The law dictates that everyone who steps on board must undergo a safety briefing. Here is where you are introduced to all the crew and are given an overview of the yacht’s layout, lifeboat and safety jackets, emergency protocol, and more. This allows you to enjoy a fun, safe, and enjoyable experience, especially for those who have children and teens on board.

Keep Your Captain And Crew Informed Regarding Your Guests

You are not going on a yacht charter alone, are you? Your friends, family, or acquaintances usually accompany you. To be known as the best entertainer and party planner in the world, you need to coordinate with the yacht charter crew and captain.

Ensure to inform them regarding your guests, the number of people that will be joining, their food preferences, dietary restrictions, and allergies. Doing so allows the crew to prepare accordingly to ensure that your guests are comfortable. Also, communicate if your guests have any other type of special needs that need to be accommodated. Doing so will guarantee that you do not face a shortage of any sort.

Take Care Of Your Children

The crew members of your yacht charter have a lot of responsibilities and tend to be quite busy. If you are on a luxury yacht charter with your children, ensure that you are looking after that you are being responsible and looking after them. Even though the crew is happy to assist you and your children, do not rely on them thoroughly to look after your children, as they might not have the time to do so. If you want to relax on your luxury yacht charter, you can bring your childcare to join you in the yacht charter and take care of the children.

Footwear Rules

There are strict footwear rules when you are on a luxury yacht charter. Luxury yacht charters will generally ask you to remove your shoes to protect the delicate and beautiful deck of the yacht. It is commonplace to see a basket for your shoes when you are on a yacht.

If you insist on wearing shoes, the crew will only allow shoes meant for yachting. These shoes have soft soles which will not damage the deck. Heavy street shoes and stilettos will scratch up or dent the deck, flooring, and carpets, which is why they are prohibited.

Luggage Rules

Similar to footwear rules, there are also some rules regarding your luggage. Professionals expertly construct your yacht charter staterooms, but they are not meant for much storage. Storage is quite a commodity in a yacht, no matter its size. This is why luxury yacht charter advises guests not to carry any hardshell baggage on the yacht. Softshell baggage is preferred as it takes up less space and can be folded away to the size when you enjoy your trip.

Always Keep The Crew Informed

The crew and captain are responsible for the safety of all the guests on board which is why it is wise always to keep them in the loop. During your luxury yacht charter, you will be doing several activities, such as going out in the water and participating in water activities such as swimming, jet skiing, and more.

You would also be going on land to explore local places during your voyage. Whenever you do so, ensure that the crew is fully aware of the number of people off the yacht. It is also highly crucial to always be in sight of the yacht so that the crew can spot you easily. This way, you will not be stranded in the middle of anywhere while the yacht takes off without you.

Pay Attention To Local Laws

Every nation, every state, and every county has different laws, rules, and regulations. Your luxury yacht charter will inform you regarding those, but it does not hurt to do your research and avoid any form of forearms, drugs, or illegal substances. If you are caught with illicit items, the crew and captain will report it to the authorities.

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