Party Boat Rental Guide: Tips to Enjoy a Party & Keep Everyone Safe
Party Boat Rental Guide

Party Boat Rental Guide: Tips to Enjoy a Party & Keep Everyone Safe

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You may not require a solid reason to organize a party with a boat rental in Miami. But you will never regret keeping safety as the first priority. For the best experience, we recommend having a tailored plan for your route, crew, and boat selection. As a professional party boat rental company, we’ve put together a guide to help you party safely on your boat. You will be proud of throwing the best and safest party for your invitees.

Party Boat Rental Safety Protocol for Your Captain & Crew

No Drinking for the Captain

Drinking alcohol on a boat is not illegal in a lot of countries. However, the laws don’t permit the captain to take charge under the influence of alcohol or drugs. He is responsible for everyone on the ship, including the crew, and one minor mistake can lead to catastrophic damage.

Alcohol is one of the primary causes of accidents on boats. And if someone on the crew causes the damage after drinking alcohol, you may lose the deposit for the party boat rental.

Always Listen to Your Captain

A captain has the overall command and control of the navigation and safe handling of the boat. In the worst scenario, they can end up in jail. So, it is critical for you and everyone on the yacht to follow his instructions and avoid listening to facts told by a friend or relative.

Make an Informed Decision While Choosing Your Crew

Avoid selecting crew members who are party animals, as they may become engrossed in festivities and neglect their responsibilities. This could jeopardize everyone’s safety, and you wouldn’t want your party to turn into a situation where life jackets are necessary. Consider hiring a party boat rental service that provides a team of professional crew members who adhere to all safety protocols.

11 Rules to Follow for the Best Party Boat Rental Experience

When planning a party, ensure to be clear about the safety guidelines with the captain and crew. As a party boat rental service, we suggest the following:

1. Know the Weather Before Sailing

Check the local forecasts before sailing and while partying on the yacht. If you find out that the weather can become worse and impact the sail, consider coming back to the port.

2. Enjoy Your Party at Anchor

It is always safe to have a party when the boat is moored in a bay. This enables the skipper to focus on the activities happening on the ship. But the captain will still have to monitor the conditions closely.

3. Sail at a Reasonable Speed

A party boat full of invitees should be sailing at a safe speed. Although the skipper will take care not to take sharp turns or accelerate, it is also required that you do not insist they increase the speed.

4. Wear Life Jackets

Research shows that nearly 80% of boat accidents occur by not wearing life jackets, so ensure all crew members wear one. Should anyone fall into the sea, it can save their life.

5. Avert Accidents

While the boat is moving and the deck is smooth, slipping and falling can happen and cause serious injuries. Unmarked obstacles, loose ropes, slippery surfaces, and lack of safety nets and railings are often the primary causes. It is wise to choose a professional party boat rental service that provides the best boats and yachts with maximum safety features.

6. Take Boat Safety Training

It is essential to go through the rescue procedure and safety training to ensure a positive boat rental in Miami before beginning your voyage.

7. Avoid Night Swimming & Jumping in the Water

It is important to avoid jumping into the sea during nighttime parties. Poor visibility makes it difficult to determine if any swimmers need assistance.

8. Use Sunscreen

Sometimes, even dedicated crew members forget to protect themselves from the sun during a party. Choose an appropriate outfit, wear headgear and sunglasses, and apply sun cream with a UF factor to any exposed skin.

9. Drink Mindfully

Too much alcohol can cause weakness and seasickness and spoil your party boat rental experience. Even a hangover from yesterday’s party can invite risks. Ensure you drink plenty of fluids, including water and juices, to avoid this.

10. Keep a First Aid Kit on Board

It is crucial to have a first aid kit on board should anyone suffer an accident. And it is also a good idea to carry a personal first aid kit for your travel.

11. Stay Prepared for Unpredictable Rains

It is possible that unpredictable rains hit the sea even when it wasn’t there in the forecast. So it is wise to pack some important items for the trip. Carry zip-lock bags for your electronic devices and ponchos for yourself if you prefer not to get wet.

We Offer Party Boat Rental Service You Can Trust

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