Should You Opt for Boat Rentals during COVID19

Should You Opt for Boat Rentals during COVID19

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The past year has been eventful with most people staying indoors to curb the spread of the pandemic. As the summer approaches this year, the urge to go cruising on a boat rental on Miami Beach is undeniable. However, the world is now staggering back to normalcy even as the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic is sweeping across the globe. As a result, the question of how good an idea it is to take a Miami party boat rental and go sailing amid the pandemic is quite obvious!

Here we bring to you everything you need to know about renting a Miami party boat rental during the pandemic.

Follow the Norms

Unlike in the past, most Miami party boat rental services will place before you a set of norms that have been laid down for the safety of the crew and passengers. So make sure that you follow each of these norms as sincerely as you can to stay safe and healthy.

Get Tested Before Getting Onboard

If you planning a boat party along with your group, make sure that you and your group members have all tested negative. Several boat companies carry out these tests and you may be disallowed on the boat if any of your group members test positive.

Private Party Coves

Your Miami party boat rental service provider may inform you that they will not allow you to mingle with other boat parties. This is a measure that most boat rentals in Miami are taking to ensure social distancing and the spread of infection.

Mask Up

The use of masks is mandatory for the crew as well as guests. Make sure you have your mask on your face at all times while on your Miami party boat rental. Also, if you want to stop somewhere along the coast, make sure you are wearing your mask at all times.

Loading and Unloading Luggage

Under normal circumstances, the crew on a boat rental in Miami is responsible for loading and unloading the luggage. However, amid the pandemic, you will be asked by your boat rental service provider to handle your luggage. This saves you and the crew from exposure to the deadly virus.

Contactless Payment

It is recommended that you use cards or online modes to make your payment for the boat rental. This will help you and the crew, avoid direct contact.

Don’t Forget Sanitizing

To make sure that you and your group are safe from the infection, make sure you check with your Miami party boat rental provider that the boat has been disinfected and sanitized before you get on board. Most rental services have incorporated this as a standard practice now, but checking with them will only help you rest assured.

You may also want to carry your sanitizer – liquid or wipes – whichever is convenient.

So if you are ready to abide by all the guidelines and make the most of this summer, reach out to Miami Boat Charters to rent your party yacht!

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