Everything You Should Know About Tipping Etiquette on a Yacht
Everything You Should Know About Tipping Etiquette on a Yacht

Everything You Should Know About Tipping Etiquette on a Yacht

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Planning your dream vacation on a luxury yacht for rent? While planning a luxury vacation on a super or mega yacht, most people leave out the topic of tipping the captain and the crew. For a beginner, the question about the necessity of tipping the captain is quite natural. One would argue that with the hefty price you are paying for the boat, there is no need to shell some more money as a tip for the captain and the crew.

However, the truth is that tipping the yacht crew, especially on a luxury yacht rental, is a recommended step. To understand the necessity of tipping the yacht crew, you must first take cognizance of the role that the captain and his crew play to ensure you are having a safe and enjoyable vacation.

Why Should I Tip the Captain or the Crew?

The captain and his crew are responsible for catering to all your needs aboard and navigating the boat safely to ensure you are enjoying every minute of your vacation. Not tipping the captain and the crew, especially if you are on a yacht rental in Miami on a luxury vacation, leaves a very unpleasant impression on you. It is as tacky as dining at a fancy restaurant, ordering a twelve-course meal, and not complementing the staff for their efforts. If you are renting a luxury yacht rental for your vacation or for hosting a party, the captain and the crew will be always by your side, ensuring that you and your guests are provided with everything that is needed. This can be a lot of leg work in case the number of persons on the boat is higher or an event is organized on the boat.

How Much Should I Tip The Captain and His Crew?

According to guidelines laid down by the Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association, the customary tip on a luxury yacht for rent that should be paid to the captain and crew should range between 5 percent to 15 percent. Even as these guidelines have been laid down, the actual amount should be appropriate considering the services you have availed yourself of and the duration you have availed them for. The crew will work throughout your stay onboard. From wake-up calls to preparing a scrumptious spread for you and your guests, the captain and his crew are on their toes, ensuring you have the best time on the boat. While tipping them, you must reflect on all these and then decide on the amount.

However, if you have come across misbehavior then you can tip them a lesser amount. But if you are satisfied with the services offered, make sure you also thank them while handing down the tip. Another important practice that you must take into consideration is the amount you are paying for the cruise. It would be distasteful to book luxury yacht rentals for a long-duration tip and then be stingy when it comes to tipping. The tip should range between 5-15 percent of the charter fee.

How Should I Tip?

The practice is to hand the tip to the captain, who will then identify the crew members that need to be rewarded and divide the amount accordingly. Refrain from handing down tips separately or leaving currency for the bartender or room service as is not considered to be proper etiquette. However, if there are specific crew members you want to tip for the great service they offered you, you can check with the captain to understand which members can be tipped beyond the end-of-journey gratuity.

When Should I Tip?

The best time to tip is at the end of the journey. You can hand over the tip to the captain and leave it to him to determine who he wants to reward.

What is Auto Gratuity?

The distribution of the tip among crew members often tends to become a sensitive issue. Hence, a lot of yacht rentals in Miami use a suggested end-of-the-voyage tip. The advantage is that you can tweak the amount based on your experience on the boat.

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