What Can You Expect from a Day Boat Charter?
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What Can You Expect from a Day Boat Charter?

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Have you ever experienced being on a boat, inhaling the scent of the sea, and bathing in the warmth of the sun? Well, now you can! You don’t have to own a boat or a yacht to experience the sea.

With Miami Boat Charters, several-day boat charters, and yacht rentals available, you can fulfill your dream of cruising the sea at your choice of location and at your convenience.

Read on to learn more about the essentials you need to keep in mind when dealing with boat rentals in Miami, so you can have a pleasant time onboard.

3 Expectations When Chartering a Boat

You might be wondering what exactly a day boat charter is. What should I expect from it? When we say day boat charter or day yacht charter, it means you are renting or “chartering” it for the day. You can spend the day however you want, traversing the waters. You do not need a reason to indulge in beauty and luxury. You can celebrate your birthday, or anniversary, or unwind with day boat charters.

If this is your first time chartering a boat or a yacht, you might be wondering what to expect.

Here are some basic things you can enjoy with day boat rentals in Miami:

1. Experienced Crew

The crew is like the soul of any boat or yacht you charter. Day boat rentals come with a captain and stewardess to ensure you are safe and make your experience worthwhile. Your only job is to enjoy while the crew takes care of the sailing, maintenance, and cleaning.  

2. Outstanding Range of Yachts and Boats

With reputable day boat charters such as Miami Boat Charters, you will never have to compromise on quality. Moreover, whether you have a day rental or a multi-day rental, you will have an Amazon fleet of boats and yachts to choose from. No matter the occasion or the price range, the experts will help you find a suitable vessel that fits your needs. You also get to experience luxury and comfort that are a class apart.

3. Flexibility

Your itinerary is entirely flexible; you can customize how you want to spend your day. If you want to include more water activities, you can add them to the plan. Do you want to focus on relaxation and peace? You can tweak the plans accordingly and explore everything Miami has to offer.

5 Rules You Should Know About Day Boat Charters

If it is your first time on a day boat rental, there are some rules and etiquette that you should follow.

1. Kindly Respect the Crew

When you are aboard the day boat charter, your crew will be taking care of you and your guest. First things first, be respectful towards the crew members working hard to make it a memorable experience. Also, respect the privacy of the crew members. Crew quarters are off-limits to guests. Rooms for the guests are called staterooms, situated towards the front, whereas the crew quarters are towards the back. Unless there is explicit authorization, do not go toward the crew cabin. 

2. No Shoes Please

One rule that all yacht and boat owners will tell you is that they do not appreciate shoes on deck. Even if shoes are allowed, it has to be boat-appropriate, soft-soled shoes. A yacht deck can be very delicate; heels and hard-soled shoes can easily dent or scruff the deck up. There is a basket available passerelle or gangway to store your shoes. Outside shoes can also ruin the beautiful flooring. When you decide to go on a day boat charter, ditch the shoes once you are onboard.

3. No Smoking

A lot of places have rules related to smoking. Depending on the boat or yacht you charter, these rules can be a bit flexible. Most of them do have a designated smoking area available on the outside deck, but apart from that, smoking is not permitted. It is also better to inform your broker and the crew beforehand regarding this requirement. 

4. No Pets

Most charters will not allow pets inside, to begin with. As much as we love our pets, most pets tend to get seasick. Also, you will not be able to take your pet out to walk as you do on land. Their bowel movement is also unpredictable, which might cause inconvenience. So it is best to keep your furry friend home when you are on a day boat charter. 

5. Respect the Law

Movies and TV series often portray boats and yachts as a place where you can party as much as you want without restriction. As much as we want everyone to have fun, the law is something that we cannot forego. Abiding by the law is crucial to a wholesome experience for the crew and the guests. For example, illegal drug use is strictly prohibited, and the captain has the right to terminate the cruise immediately and bring you back to Miami. You will also not be provided with any refunds. Briefings are generally given by the captain before the trip but always ask beforehand if you have any confusion.

Choose Our Day Boat Rental in Miami to Have a Great Time!

We think it’s safe to assume that you are ready to avail of your day boat charter with all this information in mind.

The specialists at Miami Boat Charters can help you find the best yacht to charter at excellent prices. You can explore Miami Beach and cruise along Intracostal, Biscayne Bay, or out in the open ocean.

We have the best luxury yachts available for charter. They are well-equipped with excellent amenities and thoughtfully designed to offer a memorable experience.

Watch this walkthrough video about our 84 Lazzara Luxury Yacht, so you know what amazing things to expect when you choose us for a day boat rental in Miami!

If you have any further questions about our day boat rental, you can always contact them at +1 (305) 401-2707 or drop a mail at info@miamiboatcharters.com.

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